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"Ninja" Rua on Loss To Benji Radach

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"I was well, going after him on the second round, but unfortunately I missed one step and get hit on the chin. I had hit him hard on the beginning, but he recovered well, and I think it was a good fight, I got out of there applauded from the crowd", commented Ninja, that believes he’ll come back to fights only in 2009. "I’m waiting, but I think I’ll fight again next year. I hope I have a chance against Radach again and then fight (Robbie) Lawler", finished the athlete.

It indeed was a good fight and "Ninja" showed a great deal of heart. However, this is another instance of a fighter fighting moreso to be exciting...than to win. Rua is better on the ground than Radach, yet he choose to stand and bang with a guy that loves to stand and bang...and it cost him. I understand there's a great deal of pressure on these fighters to be exciting...especially on national television. However, if these organizations keep brain washing these fighters that they have to stand up and bang to be exciting...then we might as well call our sport ultimate boxing. There's definitely nothing 'mixed' about two guys swinging wilding trying to take each others head off. Better yet, if the fans never get exposed to high level grappling how can we expect them to ever understand the ground game? Especially when promotions are allegedly paying fighters to stand up and trade punches. Hell, I wonder if they paid Rua to stand up and trade with Radach?

Props: Tatame