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EliteXC's Money Distribution Is Horrible

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MMAWeekly has the total payroll for EliteXC's latest event that happened this past weekend. The totals are as follows:

– Seth Petruzelli ($50,000/win bonus was $15,000) def. Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson ($500,000/win bonus would have been $100,000)

– Jake Shields ($50,000/win bonus was $10,000) def. Paul Daley ($12,000)
– Andre Arlovski ($500,000) def. Roy Nelson ($80,000)
– Gina Carano ($25,000/win bonus was $10,000) def. Kelly Kobald-Gavin ($6,000)
– Benji Radach ($30,000/win bonus was $15,000) def. Murilo Rua ($35,000)

– Cristiane Santos ($8,000/win bonus was $4,000) def. Yoko Takahashi ($2,000)
– Conor Heun ($5,000/win bonus was $2,500) def. Edson Berto ($5,000)
– Mikey Gomez ($4,000/win bonus was $2,000) def. Lorenzo Borgomeo ($1,500)
-- Nicolae Curry ($1,500/win bonus was $750) def. Jorge Boechat ($1,000)

Another prime example of why EliteXC fails business 101...Affliction paid both Arlovksi and Nelson's salary from the information I gathered earlier. Which means they actually paid out $736,000 for their fight payroll. Guess what, the gate for the event only did $826,433. Also, although it's not accounted for here because it's an 'undisclosed' bonus...but Seth Petruzelli stated that he made '6 figures' for taking the fight with Kimbo...and was told 'not to take Kimbo stand and trade with him'...according to this report. Which would put them over the amount they took in from the gate. Now I'm not naive enough to believe that fighters are paid from what a organziation takes in from the gate...but when you are bleeding money like EliteXC? You just have to do things that make sense.

I'm not even going to get into how they tried to change the Slice/Petruzelli bout into a boxing match by hinting at Petruzelli not to take Kimbo down. What kinda half ass bullshit is that? This is exactly why I have the upmost respect for Dana White and Zuffa. They may want a certain fighter to win(ala Liddell/Evans), but they do let the chips fall where they may. This is a sport, yet the dumb folks at EliteXC are trying their best to make a mockery of it. You could here Jared Shaw in the background of the Slice/Thompson fight...yelling at the referee to stand the fighters up when Thompson had side control. Hell, you saw the referee stand up Arlovski/Nelson when Nelson had side control and was trying to work a damn submission. Then you saw Jared Shaw yelling and pleading with the referee not to stop the fight on Saturday night(while complaining that Kimbo took illegal shots to the back of the head). While he did take like one shot to the back of the head...the outcome of the fight was pretty much decided at that point regardless.