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EliteXC's "Heat" Rating Is In

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Last night ratings are here.

Earlier this week I expressed my thoughts on some factors that could impact the rating of the show here.

Now, I have no way to prove if any of those things impacted the rating of the show. However, the show did not do as well as a lot of people thought it would. Surely some of the blame can be cast on the main event between Kimbo Slice/Ken Shamrock being scrapped. However, I'm sure some of the factors I mentioned initially have to factored into the equation as well. The refreshing thing is there is an audience for MMA on prime time television. EliteXC has been able to pull over 10 million viewers over 3 shows with 2 stars and little to no promotion.

I can only imagine what type of numbers the UFC would be able to do in the same time slot. With the big name fighters they have and the power of the UFC hype machine and brand recognition? Hell their PPV re-runs do over 2 million viewers on Spike with it's limited audience compared to a prime time network. I'm let you tell many viewers would a UFC broadcast done on a network like CBS garner?