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Tito Ortiz Speaks On The UFC..Could Sign With EliteXC

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According to this report:

"Once I make the step across and show that the fighters should get more, then maybe fighters will follow me and they will want to get a piece of their name," Ortiz said.

Ortiz said it was possible that a contract may be finished before the end of the month -- a step that would seem to benefit an athlete who will soon succumb to major surgery.

"With EliteXC and CBS and Showtime backing me on this, it's a possibility that we might get something finished before the month's over," Ortiz said. "And the UFC actually has the option to match [any offer]. If they match it, fighters are going to be even more happy because I'll do it with the UFC. But if I don't do it with the UFC, I'll do it with EliteXC and CBS."
You's kinda hard to believe anything Tito Ortiz says nowadays. Especially considering the debacle he caused with announcing he was signing with Affliction, only to see that wasn't going to happen. I also find it hard to believe that he would sign with EliteXC considering their unstable status and money problems. I also find it hard to believe a company would throw a lot of money at someone that's about to have major surgery on their back without knowing if he'll be able to fight the same way or not. Ortiz said he'll be out 6 months due to the surgery...which that's just enough time to see if EliteXC will be around or not. In one sentence he's saying he'll sign with the UFC if they match EliteXC's offer...then he turns right around and says he will not work for Dana White. I suspect he'll either re-sign with the UFC or fade into obscurity.