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TUF 8 Rating For Week 3

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MMAPayout has the news:

the 10/1 episode of the Ultimate Fighter on Spike drew a 0.8 rating (1.1 million viewers). That is the lowest rating in the series’ history. The program drew quarter hours of 0.80, 0.66, 0.79, and 0.90. The key demographic numbers were a a 1.13 in M18-34 and a 1.04 in M18-49.

Man that's pretty bad considering that this is only the 3rd show into the season. However, one has to think that Zuffa will be revving up the promotional engine to hype up the show for next week. If fact, it's already can see a preview of next weeks drama here.

It disturbs me that Zuffa will air guys acting like complete idiots in an effort to gain viewers. I realize the fighters are on lock down with no contact with the outside world for 6 weeks and all that. However, they should show better self control in my opinion. Also, Zuffa should do a better job of depicting these guys as professionals, opposed to immature balls of testosterone.