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Big John McCarthy On Life And Weed

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According to his blog:

Then when it comes to fighting you have the testing that is done by the State Athletic Commissions. They test for performance enhancing drugs. I have seen fighters suspended because of their use of marijuana, but it is okay for another fighter to be a raging alcoholic. That just doesn't make since. Obviously alcohol is not going to give a fighter a performance advantage in a fight. Most bouncers can tell you countless stories of guys and girls altered in their ability to fight after consuming far too much liquid courage. But I have never seen someone high on marijuana that benefited from it in a fight, if you could really get them to fight in the first place, since most people that are high just want to sit back and watch the world as it blossoms before them.

John were you high when you wrote this? LOL...nah I'm just kidding...the whole post is kinda out there. It's like he wants to say it's 'ok' to smoke weed, but he can't really come out and say it because he was a cop for 23 years or something. In regards to fighters smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and being tested before fights. I'm not going to get into a whole spill about if I think marijuana should be legal or not. Weed stays in your system a hell of a lot longer than alcohol does and it's illegal...alcohol isn't. It's as simple as that and fighters know this beforehand. So if they wanna be puff the dragon before a fight and then get suspended...tough shit and I don't feel sorry for them.(I still don't think Nick Diaz's win over Gomi should be ruled a NC though).