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I Told You So About Cro Cop

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Remember when I told you all Why Cro Cop Is Done? Well Fightlinker has a post up where Cro Cop was interviewed and his answers tell it all:

Q: Do you concede that Overeem was the dominant one up until the injury?

CC: Yes he was, but it’s a 15 minute fight and anything could have happened had the fight continued. I should have been more aggressive of course. Its something I’ll have to work on.

Q: Did you properly train and prepare for the fight?

CC: Despite the commentary that I’m too old, all my physical conditioning and speed test point to the fact that I’ve never been better prepared than for my last fight. But it doesn’t matter what I think, the only thing that matters is what actually happens in the ring.

Q: So what’s the problem then?

CC: I’m under more pressure then I have been earlier in my career. I lost two fights in the UFC, and I have a fear of it happening again. I cant afford more failures. I have a fear of failing not of punches or kicks. Many fighters have the same problem.
Once upon a time Cro Cop was one of the most cocky and proud fighters in MMA, now he has self doubts about himself before his fights. There is nothing wrong with being afraid to fail as that's my motivation in a lot of the things I do. However, as some fighters will tell you the game is way more mental than it is physical, so If this ain't a telling sign of a fighter being done I don't know what is. When that fear of losing affects how you fight then what's the point of going through all that training and sacrifice? Like I said initially I'm a fan of dude, but I'd rather see him not fight than to watch him fight like he has in his last 3 matches.