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Dana White On UFC Success During Economy Crisis

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Peep the video here

Basically Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta acknowledge what we already knew. That most people get 8-10 people together and 'chip in' to buy the UFC pay per views. What concerns me is as the UFC continues to destroy the competition, they can use the perspective to make even more money possibly. They could essentially say..."8-10 people are chipping in to purchase the PPV...we can raise the price up to $49.99 or $54.99 and they'll still buy it because it's only a couple dollars per person.

Which history has proven that they would be correct. PPV prices have gone up from $39.95 to $44.95 during the past year, and as far as the numbers go...they are ahead of last year's PPV pace. Granted we are getting more shows...and more FREE shows...and it's still cheaper than a boxing PPV...raising the PPV prices again would suck something major.

*Sidenote-I have heard nothing...and Dana or Lorenzo have not mentioned anything about raising PPV prices...I'm simply looking at this from a money making perspective.

Props: Bloodyelbow