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Lyoto Machida Wants Rashad Evans

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"I continue training, I can’t be caught unprepared for a fight, but I’m training less now, doing only some physical training, Jiu-Jitsu and Karatê… They didn’t say anything, but told me that this fight (with Thiago Silva) still can happen", said the fighter, who would need to wait for his recovery to come back to the octagon.

"I’m waiting for any situation, or face him, if he gets better, or having another opponent. I would like to face Rashad Evans, and the winner gets a title shot, but now it seems like they will put him against Forrest Griffin… I’d like to face him and the winner gets Griffin, it’s a good way"

It's refreshing to see that Lyoto will fight all comers and basically calling out Rashad Evans. However, everybody knows that Evans will be facing Griffin for the title. A lot of pundits are calling for Machida to get a title shot, however, I question that in that he hasn't beat any of the top contenders. In fact, the only people he has beaten in the LHW picture are a over the hill Tito Ortiz...and Sokoudjou. I think the Machida/Silva match up is the best match up possible in that Silva hasn't beaten anyone and Machida needs to face an aggressive opponent.

Props: Tatame