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Thiago Silva Comments On Evans/Griffin And Next Fight

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"I’m doing the physiotherapy well to get better… I’m doing the medical treatment, following correctly, but I still don’t know when I’ll come back. Ultimate said that I won’t fight this year anymore, so I’ll probably be back in January, and I’ll be ready", said the ATT fighter.

Also, it looks like they may hold Lyoto Machida out of action until Silva returns and make that match up for the January or superbowl card. I can't wait to see that one, as it will answer a lot of questions about each fighter. One in that Silva is hugely overrated at this point in my personal opinion, and how Machida will do against a very aggressive opponent.

Thiago Silva spoke about watching Evans/Liddell and his thoughts on Evans/Griffin.

"I watched that, it was a good punch", commented, making his bets for the next title fight against Rashad and Forrest Griffin. "I believe Griffin has more potential than Rashad. I think it’ll be a close fight and might go to decision, but I think Griffin will do better. He has more heart, a good stand up game and more ground game… Rashad has a good wrestling, but Griffin has more qualities, in my opinion".'s funny to think that we were supposed to see Silva/Evans earlier this year. I too think it will be a close match up in terms of Evans/Griffin, but I think Evans has WAY more heart than a lot of people give him credit for.

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