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Melvin Guilliard Violates Probation

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According to Sherdog:

UFC lightweight contender Melvin Guillard was arrested Aug. 13 in Houston for violating probation on a 2007 drug charge, a Harris County deputy told

The 25-year-old New Orleans native is in custody at the Harris County jail in Houston, the deputy said last Thursday, and will be released to a drug treatment facility as soon as space becomes available per the terms of his recently amended probation.

Details of the violation were not readily available.
Guillard was scheduled to face Spencer Fisher at the upcoming UFC 90 event in what I would call a favorable match up for him. Infact, Fisher's camp was upset with having to fight Guillard...feeling that he hadn't earned the right to fight Fisher. However, just a week or so ago Guillard was replaced on the card by Shannon Gugerty for reasons unknown.

Guillard, who is 4-3 inside the Octagon after a 36-second onslaught on German Denis Siver at UFC 86 in July, was originally arrested on Aug. 3 2007 for possession of a controlled substance (less than a gram). Under a two-year probation finalized on Oct. 10, 2007, Guillard was deferred jail time in favor of a fine, restitution and/or community service, and had to report regularly to a parole officer.

Guillard tested positive for a cocaine metabolite after a 1st round submission loss to Joe Stevenson in April 2007. Couple that with this probation violation and it's doubtful that we will see Guillard in the UFC gain. I unlike many was a fan of Guillard, he always came to fight and had the potential to be a very good fighter. It's a shame too, it seemed like whenever he put a couple of wins together he would go and do something stupid. Melvin could never really put it all together in the cage, but let's hope he'll be able to do so with his personal life.