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My Thoughts On Affliction Partnering With Golden Boy

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I don't see any positives in this partnership for Affliction except cutting costs. Otherwise all it does is delay the inevitable in my personal opinion. There's no way they can compete with the UFC while doing hybrid events consisting of boxing and MMA. Allow me to explain...

  • Who really wants to spend $40 on a PPV hybrid card of MMA/Boxing?

  • Golden just issued a statement a couple of months ago stating they were not really interested in MMA at the their commitment to this partnership will be very small

  • Affliction will still be overpaying their fighters as they have done so in the past

And that's just things off the top of my head...not to mention they have absolutely NO brand name recognition, no stars, and oh...did I mention they overpaid their fighters? I don't know....maybe I'm just in a bad mood or something at the moment and this could be good for MMA as a whole...maybe it'll expose the sport to more fans or something. However, this partnership definitely isn't earth shattering, game changing, or anything that really benefits Affliction at this point.