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Disgruntled Fans/Media Are Creating A Monster In Rashad Evans

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Steve Cofield of Yahoo Sports found a good interview clip with Rashad Evans on Tagg can listen to it here:

Evans addressed some real issues that have presented themselves since he took out Chuck Liddell at UFC 88. Issues such as:

  • Fans/Media calling him a show boater

  • Bias of Joe Rogan

  • Double Standards between him and other fighters celebrating a victory

Rashad made some very valid points in the interview and you can sense the aggravation in his voice as he speaks. Evans has been the proverbial underdog since showing up on the scene of The Ultimate Fighter 2. In fact he was the underdog in basically every fight on the show, and he come out on top in the end, despite giving up a lot of size and experience against some of his opponents. Evans seems like a fighter that thrives on people doubting him or telling him that he can't do something.

I think the reaction he is getting from disgruntled Chuck Liddell fans and some media outlets will simply throw gasoline on his fire. When Matt Hughes criticized him for 'showboating'...all Evans did was come out and dominate someone he was supposed to lose to. UFC 88 was the third time Evans has fought in a UFC main event...the other two being a Ultimate Fight Night event against Sean Salmon and UFC 78. Nobody thought he deserved to headline those events either. What some fail to realize is that in two of those main events he ended the bouts in highlight reel fashion.

For some reason people continue to doubt Rashad as a top fighter and the skills he has in his arsenal. I'm not a bandwagon jumper, as I've been telling people the guy has skills. The guy has KO power in his hands and feet and has great wrestling. Actually, those are the same qualities that made Chuck Liddell so beloved. It would be great to see Evans evolve and continue to tap into the potential that he as a fan of MMA...continue to shower the guy with haterade. I think it will only bring out the best in him.