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I Need To See Marquardt vs. Henderson

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Basically because I can't see Franklin/Henderson at the moment...this is the next best match up. Marquardt just destroyed Martin Kampmann and Henderson danced by Rousimar Palhares...both fights took place at UFC 88. Anderson Silva is set to defend his MW title against undeserving Patrick Cote at UFC 90. Barring another upset, Silva will walk thru Cote leaving him without a worthy challenger at MW. Granted, Silva has defeated both Henderson and Marquardt relatively easily already...I'm not THAT positive he could do it so easily again. Then again he just might be THAT good.

Marquardt/Henderson needs to take place on the December New Year's Eve card as both came out of their bouts relatively unscathed. Which would set up as a possible main event on a March PPV card against Anderson Silva. Either they are gonna fight one another...or continue to wipe pretender...I mean contender after contender off before they even make it to Silva.