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Rich Franklin's Next Opponent Should Be?

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Lyoto Machida.

The word is that Thiago Silva is injured and will not be able to fight Lyoto Machida at UFC 89 next month. Also, the word is that they are having a hard time finding opponents for Machida to fight. Enter Rich Franklin, whom has history with Machida and would have time to prepare to face Machida on the December card. Frankin's first career loss came at the hands of Machida in 2003, losing via TKO. You can watch that fight here:

Machida vs. Franklin

I was at UFC 88 in Atlanta and let me just say that the crowd loved Franklin. The re-match could be billed as a revenge bout on behalf of Franklin as he climbs the ladder of the 205 division. For Machida, it's a 'big name' opponent which can help him in terms getting the casual fan interested. I'm sure Franklin would like to avenge the loss and probably wouldn't hesitate at getting a shot at Machida.

Granted, this fight wouldn't do much in terms of helping Machida get a title shot...but in reality neither was beating Thiago Silva. This fight could be the co-main event of the Evans/Griffin showdown that will more than likely take place on the December card. Many people knock Machida for his 'elusive' style and wanted him to face someone with some aggresiveness like Thiago Silva. Well, Franklin isn't wreckless like some of the guys from Chute Boxe. However, he sure doesn't move backward much during his fights either...this would be a scrap.