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My Thoughts On UFC 88

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Yea, I know I'm a bit late...however, I didn't get back from Atlanta until 11pm last night and I had to travel for work today so I'm just getting around to this. As you may or may not know this was the first UFC event I've ever attended and it was well worth the money. The atmosphere was off the chain and me, my dad, and brother had a good time. There was this one fan that kept screaming for Tim Boetsch...during the ENTIRE fight(thank GOD it was a short fight)..he left to go get more beer only to return to continue screaming for Boetsch the ENTIRE Fortunately for me, most of the people that sat around me were pretty knowledgeable about MMA for the most part so I was happy about that. On to the fights...

-I thought Carneiro won the fight....I gave him the 1st and 3rd round...however, the judges didn't feel the same way....I have no idea what they were watching...Chonan did absolutely no damage...

-Tim Boetsch comes to fight every fight...good KO there..

-I used to HATE Jason MacDonald...however, I've come to like him the more I watch him fight. Lambert had him in a DEEP guillotene and I truely believe only the bell saved "The Athlete"...(horrible nickname BTW). MacDonald came out and finished Lambert relatively easy in the 2nd round....pretty good fight here..

-Tavares is a fucking soldier...Pellegrino was giving him the BUSINESS in the first round and the ref was close to stopping it a couple of times....Tavares actually made a fight out of it...and it was a good 3 round war. However, in the 2nd round it did look like Tavares tapped to a armbar...I couldn't hear what Pellegrino said when Rogan asked him about it after the fight.

-Whoever thought Matt Brown won his fight against Dong Hyun Kim is an absolute MORON.

-I pretty much called Marquardt/Kampmann....I knew Kampmann was undersized against Nate "The Great"

-I thought Dan Henderson looked like shit....I know it was a do or die fight for him and all...but he danced more than he fought. I would have given the fight to Palhares because he simply brought the fight to Henderson for the most part...including a huge powerbomb slam. I like Palhares and dude is a problem for anyone he faces.

-I pretty much called the Hamill/Franklin fight...

-While I thought Liddell would win...I knew Rashad was capable of beating Liddell...however, no one would have guessed that he would KTFO Liddell like that...let me just say that all the Rashad hater's/boo'ers had to STFU in the arena after Liddell had his face erased by that crushing overhand right. As a matter of fact, if the left hook Evan's threw as Liddell was falling would have landed...Liddell would have died in the cage.

All in all I was very pleased with the event...the pacing between the fights was good...however, I couldn't hear a damn thing they were saying during the post fight interviews. I did miss having the play by play of Rogan/Goldberg even though they can be biased as all hell. BTW, how Rogan thought Matt Brown won that fight is beyond me...he must have been high. I did take some pics and I don't know how they will turn out...I'll get them up in the next day or so...