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Top 8 Reasons To Love Zuffa/Dana White

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For some odd reason the "in" thing to do is to hate anything UFC related by a select group of MMA fans. It doesn't matter what the UFC does or how impactful...they will all but wish death upon the organization...regardless of how retarded that is. Surely there are some negatives to point outabout the company and the man Dana White. However, I think it's pretty clear these two entities have done more good for the sport of MMA than bad. So the day after Zuffa/Dana White delivered with Randy Couture coming back to finish what he started...let's check off the top 8 reasons why we should love Zuffa/Dana White:

8. They Give Unheard Of Fighters A Chance- How many times have you seen a UFC MMA card and think to yourself...."Who The Hell Is This Dude?" Yep, the best MMA organization in the world gives opportunities to fighters you've never heard of. While they may not compensate them that well, if that fighter delivers with an exciting fight...the word is they are taken care of.

7. They Listen To The fans- Whether Dana White admits it or not...they listen to the fans...when the fans grumbled about TUF becoming stale with less fights...what happened? This last season of TUF provided way more fights than in the past. When the east coast fans complained about not getting any shows(I was one of them)..what happens? UFC 68/74 in Ohio, UFC 77 in Ohio, UFC 78 in Jersey, UFC 88 will be in Atlanta, and several UFC events have taken place in Florida.

6. The WEC- Great company that houses some of the best light weight fighters in the world...every show is action packed and the shows are produced very well...and guess what...they are FREE(for now anyways).

5. The Best Fighters Fight The Best Fighters- It is true that some guys get title shots because of a name/PPV impact. However, you will not see the freak show match ups that PRIDE offered. In fact, for the most part all of the fights in the UFC are at least competitive.

4. Consistency- No other MMA organization in the world is more organized and consistent than Zuffa/UFC...from promotion to cards being finalized well in legitimate fighters being on call in case a fighter that's scheduled to fight gets injured.

3. Dana White Delivers-While some things have fallen through(HBO/CBS Deal)...for the most part what Dana White says is going to happen...happens. He's given us Wandy/Chuck, Rampage/Hendo, MMA sanctioned in areas that had banned MMA. He has said he will get all the best fighters...and by golly he has the majority of them right now.

2. They Re-invest In The Sport- Make no mistake about it...Zuffa/White are clearly in this thing for the money. However, they are also fans of the sport and spend big money to see this sport grow...from hiring companies to lobby in favor of the UFC/ designing a website to educate fans and politicians about the sport of expanding the sport to new territories.

1. Free MMA- No other organization provides top notch MMA for FREE...the Ultimate Fight Night events and TUF Finale's have given us some of the best fights all for FREE.

I mean you can nit/pick all day if you want, but I'm thrilled to have a company that's doing so many great things for the sport. I'm sure I missed a couple of goodies so feel free to list fact, if you are one of the haters...feel free to drop your comments about either or as well.