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Thiago Alves: "I'm Looking Forward To Exchange Punches"

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According To A Recent Interview:

How do you think will be the fight?

I’ll knock him out. He’s tough, goes for the fight, and that’s what I like, come right to me. He brings a lot of pressure for the fight, a strong pass, and I wanna see if he handles my pass too. My intention is always a knockout.
Alves is referencing to his upcoming clash with TUF 1 MW winner Diego Sanchez that will take place at UFC 90 in Chicago. He's right, Sanchez is fucking relentless and has titanium in his chin. It will be interesting to see how this fight unfolds. On one hand, you'd think that Alves size would pose problems for Sanchez...but then again all that muscle mass could make him wilt under the pressure than Sanchez brings. I can't wait for this one.