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My Thoughts On Rampage Choosing Wolfslair

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By now I'm sure you've heard the news that Rampage and Juanito Ibarra have gone their separate ways. I'm also sure you've heard the news that Rampage has chosen to sign with the UK based Wolfslair(home of Michael Bisbing) as his new training camp. I've read a lot of different responses in reference to Rampage choosing that particular gym. However, at this point I really don't think it matters where he trains.

If Rampage were a 22 year old fighter that needed a lot of work as far as improving in certain areas, then I would be concerned. Rampage is a natural born fighter in my opinion and it shows every time he fights. He's not particularly good at anything in particular(although his defensive stand up game is excellent), but just finds a way to win more times than not. He's out wrestled world class wrestlers and KO'ed deadly strikers and avoided submissions by some of the best BJJ experts in the game. However, at this point in his career the most important thing for Rampage is motivation to train. With all the things he has endured for the past month, along with losing his belt to Forrest Griffin? I don't think that's going to be a problem.

If the Wolfslair can provide Rampage with the motivation to actually get in the gym and train that's all he needs. He doesn't need top of the line sparring partners or the best equipment to remain among the best LHW's in the world. He simply needs someone that will kick him in the ass on the days he wants to be lazy and not do the cardio he needs to do. He needs someone that will kick him in the ass on the days he wants to sleep late and not go to that morning workout. If they can provide him with those qualities, he'll be just fine. It sure has seemed to work fine for Michael Bisbing.