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Does Chuck Liddell Deserve A Title Shot?

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That is...if he gets past Rashad Evans at UFC 88. First of all let me say this, I think Rampage Jackson deserves an immediate re-match...but given his legal problems I can see why that option is no longer viable. So let's take a look at Liddell since his KO loss to Rampage Jackson

Liddell has gone 1-1 since his KO loss to Rampage at UFC 71 of last year. A split decision loss(that should have been unanimous) to Keith Jardine, and a unanimous decision win over a top ten opponent in Wanderlei Silva. Liddell has gone on record here stating that he believes he should get a title shot if he beats Rashad Evans. He has even made an argument why Lyoto Machida doesn't deserve a title shot here.

Do you think Liddell earns a title shot if he beats Evans? Does Liddell have to finish Rashad Evans to earn a title shot? If you don't think Liddell has earned a title shot...list who and why you think they deserve one.