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Kimbo Slice: Who Will He Fight Next?

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Josh Gross has the scoop:

Three names keep popping up as the next opponent for Kimbo Slice on Oct. 4: Brett Rogers, Ken Shamrock and ... wait for it ... Sean Gannon.

Rogers is the undefeated heavyweight prospect who called Slice's performance in May against James Thompson "embarrassing." The subsequent back-and-forth bickering between the two at the post-fight press conference seemed exactly the sort of thing CBS wants for its prime-time cards: an interesting storyline.

The feeling among Elite XC execs, however, is that it's better to hold off on a Rogers-Slice showdown for fear that its cash cow, Kimbo, would lose, and thereby extinguish his marketability and the organization's potential pay-per-view debut.

Shamrock would fit nicely -- he hasn't made it out of the opening round since 2005 -- but it appears Elite XC is having trouble getting the deal worked out.

And so, that leaves Gannon
Well...on one hand I think it's pretty pathetic that EliteXC is using this method of continued handpicking of Slice's opponents. However, how can you blame them at this point? He and Gina Carano are their only marketable starsand if one of them were to lose it would definitely be a wrap(looks that way anyways). If truth be told, no one outside of the hardcore fan base would recognize the name of Sean Gannon. The only guy to beat Slice in a street fight(albeit controversial) way back in the day. So I don't know if the history between the two will be enough to get them the ratings they want. Here's a videoof the first fight in case you have been sheltered your whole life.

My thing is...what would EliteXC have to lose if Kimbo lost to Brett Rogers? I mean if that happened...wouldn't that make Roger's a badder dude than Kimbo and could be promoted as such? Well, at least they didn't make the Shamrock fight right? Please keep in mind that this fight has not been finalized at this point. Stay tuned to MMA4Real as I keep you up to date on the situation. In the meantime feel free to leave your thoughts on who Kimbo should face next in the comments section.

UPDATE: According to Bloodyelbow via MMAweekly, Sean Gannon will NOT be the next opponent for Kimbo Slice