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Sean Sherk: "I Want To Fight The Best"

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Props: MMAWeekly

"I have five fights left (on my contract)," he told "I feel like I have a good, strong future with the UFC still. I feel like I’m a strong part of the organization. Maybe one or two wins will put me back in title contention again."

Hmm...quite possible, I think I'd want to see Sherk/Penn 2. Simply because I doubt that Sherk would try to box with Penn for 3 rounds this time.
"I’ve been real careful with who I’m going to fight. I want to fight contenders; I want to fight top guys," Sherk stated to "I don’t want to fight up and coming guys… I want to fight the best of the best and that’s what I’m doing with my upcoming fight."

It must be noted that Sherk is rumored to be fighting up and comer Tyson Griffin at UFC 90, a fight that will almost surely goto decision. It's interesting that Sherk mentions he wants to fight the best, when there are several LW fighters outside the UFC that are among the best. Fighters such as Shinya Aoki, Gomi, Hansen, and Alvarez. Then again, I guess he knows those fights aren't even remotely close to happening so he's just keeping it in the UFC.