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Report: Mike Swick Added To UFC 90

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According to 5ouncesofpain:

UFC President Dana White reportedly made the announcement regarding Swick during the promotion’s press conference on Monday at the Millennium Park in Chicago.

White offered no indication about who Swick will be fighting on the card.
Swick is coming off a decision win over Marcus Davis at UFC 85. I would love to see Swick against someone like Chris Wilson. Wilson gave Jon Fitch all he could handle and fighting Swick would get his name out there just a little bit more. He's well rounded and just had a win at UFC 87 against Steve Bruno. Aye Dana...make it happen!

In other news, UFC 90 is already past the 2 million mark for attendance figures with only about 3,000 seats left. Allstate Arena will be able to contain a maximum of 19,000 should be good.