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Who Is Roy Nelson Kidding?

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Recently IFL HW champion Roy Nelson spoke with MMAjunkie and spoke on a variety of topics. You can read it all here. He spoke on the following:

  • Why he signed with Affliction over other organizations

  • Basically called the UFC HW's nobodies

  • What his payscale would have been like in the UFC

  • Wanting to Fight Fedor

Ok Roy, you are a decent fighter and all but don't blow to much smoke up your own ass now. Firstly, you would lose to Nogueira, Werdum, Gonzaga, and probably Brock Lesnar without question and a few others. Secondly, nobody wants to pay to watch you on PPV. Thirdly, who exactly have you beat to earn more than 50K per fight? How on earth do you think you deserve the fastrack to fight Fedor Emelianenko? Man, some of these fighters kill me.