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Brock Lesnar 2 Wins Away From UFC Title Shot?

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That's what Sam Caplan thinks:

I must admit that my initial thought was Hell To Tha Naw. but after really looking at the HW division of the UFC it's possible. However, getting those two wins might not be THAT easy. Lesnar would have to go through either Gabriel Gonzaga, Fabricio Werdum, and/or have a rematch with Frank Mir. I think he beats Mir in the rematch, and could possibly make Gonzaga melt under the pressure(since he's prone to that). I don't know if he could handle a BJJ expert like Werdum at this point, but what do I know.

In terms of how Lesnar matches up with the champ Nogueira? Well, it would be similar to Nogueira vs. Bob Sapp...except Lesnar has much better cardio and better wrestling. Nogueira took a BEATING in that fight prior to submitting Sapp and probably would do so against Lesnar. However you look at it, Lesnar fighting for the title would be HUGE on ppv and may not be THAT far away.

What are your thoughts on Lesnar fighting for the title after two more wins?