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Thiago Silva Is Getting Ready For Machida

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Silva recently spoke with Tatame regarding his preparations for his matchup with Lyoto Machida at UFC 89:

Training hard at American Top Team, Thiago still doesn’t have a strategy to face him. "I’m ready to fight. My preparation is good, I’m really focused. I came to now, but I was training in and will go to everything or nothing"

Hold are facing Lyoto Machida and you don't have a strategy?

"I think we both came where we are and faced great athletes, and who wins have all right to fight for the belt, and he has even more than me (laughs). But unfortunately I have to face another Brazilian fighter"

I think Silva is terribly overrated at this point in that he hasn't beaten anyone of stature yet. However, I am a fan of his aggressive nature that all the Chute Box products have. If he does beat Machida I don't think that justifies giving him a title shot though. I think he should at least have to definite someone like Keith Jardine or Sokoudjou to warrant a title shot if he got past Machida.

Also, what's the deal with all these Brazilian fighters not wanting to fight other Brazilian fighters? I can understand if they were coming from the same training camp and what not, but just because a dude is Brazilian? That's retarded, imagine if white fighters didn't want to fight other white fighters? Yea, there would be no MMA