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Rampage Jackson Court Date(Today) Postponed

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Sherdog with the scoop:

"The district attorney’s office is responsible for filing charges and that case is still under investigation based on some new evidence that has been discovered," said Farrah Emami, spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

"There were different incidents that occurred in different jurisdictions. There was Highway Patrol, there was Costa Mesa, there was Newport Beach. We’re looking at all of this as one potential case," said Emami. "The recommendations of the police are taken into consideration, but it could be more charges or less charges, depending on what the evidence reports."
I really don't know how to take this because everything isn't out on the table. They are looking at everything as one potential case so that could be both good and bad. Hopefully since Rampage was cooperative once his Rampage was over, they'll cut him some slack with probation and a fine or something. However, I'm sure he'll be facing a civil suit from the lady that had the miscarriage, if not more people that he encountered.

I wonder what the new evidence is?