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Affliction VP Tom Atencio Finally Said Something Smart!

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Atencio was interviewed by Loretta Hunt(Sherdog), and below is a synopis of what the interview was about:

  1. How he got into MMA

  2. How Affliction actually got banned from the UFC

  3. His reaction to people saying he asked fighters to take a pay cut on the 2nd show

  4. Couture/Fedor

  5. Signing Tito Ortiz to Affliction

I'll elaborate on the last part about Tito. Atencio actually made some good points in that he is questioning how much longer Tito wants to fight. He said he hasn't really talked to Tito about signing a deal formally. He admits that Tito is a PPV draw, BUT he basically hasn't won in a LONG time.

I must say I'm proud of Atencio here, because normally he's lying through his teeth. Because frankly I DO believe he asked certain fighters to take a pay cut, it only makes sense with how much money they lost on the first show. However, to come out and say that Tito is valuable, but basically not worth the money he is probably asking for speaks volumes. Now he didn't come out and say it, but listen to his tone and tell me I'm lying!