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Why I Don't See Fedor/Couture Happening

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Loretta Hunt (no relation to me) has an article up at Sherdog detailing the latest on this situation:

"We, M-1, we’re not in any way against working with the UFC. We’ve spoken to them before about the possibility of working with them together. Anything’s possible," said Finkelstein.

Finkelstein proposed that an agreement for Emelianenko-Couture could be reached if UFC President Dana White was willing "to meet halfway."
Finkelstein claims that Dana White's demands were not negotiable...when in turn the things Finkelstein demanded made absolutely no sense either.

If round two of negotiations with Zuffa were to take place shortly, Finkelstein said he might be open to a two-fight deal with Couture the first opponent on the ledger. However, Finkelstein seemed less than assured that the UFC would budge from the original offer they made nearly eleven months ago.

Why on GOD's green earth would the UFC sign Fedor to a 2 fight deal? That's retarded considering the money he is asking for and worth. I mean Fedor's management has to come to terms that Fedor needs the UFC more than vice versa. Hell, Fedor ran through a former UFC champion and the casual fan STILL doesn't know much about Fedor, if anything at all. The fact of the matter is we have two sides that are stubborn as hell and I don't see either budging from their stance.

Then we have Randy Couture who must be feeling like an idiot these days because of his resignation from the UFC. I mean he's lost a year of fighting to father time, a bunch of money, and he still hasn't gotten the Fedor fight yet. Unless he is able to come to terms with the UFC through arbitration, his end of the deal is up in the air as well.

When looking at this fight happening from those two point of views, it's easy to see why this fight will probably not go down. The only way it does is if somebody just concedes their point, and I know Dana White isn't going to take that route.