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Vitor Belfort Off Affliction 2 Card

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According to Tatame:

After his victory at Affliction’s debut, Vitor Belfort now is recovering from his broken hand and has been scratched from Affliction 2. "Man, I’m doing physiotherapy now and won’t be able to fight at October 11th, I wanna fight with 100%, so I’ll be at the next show to fight for the title", said the athlete to TATAME, confirming that he’ll still fight for the title. "I spoke to them yesterday and they said I’ll face the winner of Matt Lindland’s next bout for the middleweight title. He doesn’t have an opponent yet, but the winner of this fight will face me probably in December", told the athlete.

That fight was pretty meaningless in my opinion. Lindland would just lay on Belfort for 3 rounds more than likely because he's to busy trying to be a politician, instead of actually training. Also, this fight wouldn't do anything to impact the world rankings at MW. No word on who will be Belfort's replacement at the moment.