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Randy Couture Doesn't Want To Fight Fedor

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Here's why:

They’re still trying to call me the heavyweight champion. I resigned and relinquished the title. Nogueira’s in my opinion the champion now in the UFC…I need to be free and clear of that before I can pursue this fight somewhere else with Fedor (Emelianenko). I’d love for the UFC to step up and make the fight happen. It has the potential to be the biggest mixed martial arts fight to date…It has the potential to do 700,000+ pay-per-view buys which is a helluva lotta money. I think 6-10 [million should be the salary] for each of us and they’re still gonna make a boatload of money on top of that.

Man, I wish I could slap Randy Couture right about now. He clearly does not want to fight Fedor Emelianenko, if so he'd be realistic about the situation and go ahead and make it happen. However, he must suffer from the Tito Ortiz syndrome of thinking he's worth more than he actually is. Randy the facts are that the UFC has done just fine both times you decided to walk away, and if you never fight for them again they'll be just fine. Why the hell would they skew their payroll structure this much for one fight? I mean we are talking about 15-20 million dollars for just ONE fight. Still no one knows who Fedor is in America, and clearly Couture has never done 700K on PPV alone. Therefore, look at all the money the UFC would need to dish out just to promote the fight...ehhhh mis-match I mean.

Couture knows he doesn't have a chance in hell of beating Fedor. I suppose he's trying to cash out with this one fight, along with getting out of the legal hassle he has with the UFC right now. However, if he keeps singing this tune of 6-10 million for each fighter he can forget about it.

Props: MMAmania