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Matt Hughes Could Face Matt Serra Early 2009

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Matt Hughes appeared on PWB's Official Podcast Hotline to discuss some topics. It appears that Matt Hughes will actually square off against Matt Serra sometime early next year.

"Right now, I’ve talked to Joe Silva quite a few times, and we’re looking at maybe January. He has told me it’s going to be Matt Serra, so I’m looking at January or February. That’ll give my knee plenty of time to heal, if it’s natural. If I have to go under the knife, I don’t know what my timeframe will be…"

Hopefully that knee heals up nicely so the grumpy old veteran can possibly go out in style. Frankly, I think Hughes will hang it up after this fight. He's been demolished by the current champ twice, and is way out of the title picture now. This Matt Serra fight is the only semi-interesting fight that he has left, and that's only because of the history between the two. It would be good to see Serra pull off the win here, especially with Hughes attitude as of late.