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UFC Middleweight Division: Is It Really That Bad?

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First of all, Patrick Cote does not deserve a title shot against Anderson Silva. Silva is gonna run through him like a cup of grandma's old castor oil. Besides the HW division(which is improving also) the UFC's MW division is the weakest division within the company. I have to question it really THAT weak...or is Anderson Silva really THAT good? Let's take a look at the cast:

Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Yushin Okami, and Nathan Marquardt are all in the top 10 in the world. Then you have Martin Kampmann, Michael Bisbing, Thales Leites, Patrick Cote and Chris Leben who are all tough, legitimate fighters in their own right. All of which are arguably in the top 15-20 range in terms of world rankings at MW. In recent weeks the UFC has made some key acquisitions, some of which will be addressing the voids in this division. The following fighters are new additions:

Former IFL standouts Mike Massenzio, Matt Horwich(former IFL champ), and Dan Miller(IFL champ). While I don't think any of them will be challenging Anderson Silva anytime soon, they do add some much needed depth in the division. So with that said, I don't think the division is THAT weak at all. This is just further proof that Anderson Silva could quite possibly be the baddest man walking the planet.