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Shogun Vs. Rampage In December?

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I know I'm just a tad late with this bit of news, but some of the casual fans may not be aware.

According to MMAmania:

But if comments made by Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (16-3) at a recent training seminar are any indication, PRIDE may in fact live again.

At least for one night in December.

Rua, winner of the PRIDE 2005 middleweight grand prix, informed a very unsuspecting but grateful crowd that he was indeed anticipating a December return and hopeful that his opponent would be former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (28-7) ??" not Mark Coleman as previously reported.

The same Quinton Jackson who was knocked out in devastating fashion by Rua at PRIDE Total Elimination 2005.
Well, first of all it would be great to see both of these fighters back in the cage given the circumstances with both of them. Shogun with all his injuries and Rampage with his legal troubles. This fight makes a lot of sense at this point, being that it would be easy to promote and would definitely cause some shuffling in the LHW division. I have no idea why Shogun/Mark Coleman was even being discussed. I know they fought in PRIDE and all the controversy surrounding the fight, but that would have been a very insignificant fight. I think Rampage's court date is set for August 15th, so at that point things will be more clear in terms of this fight happening or not. Stay tuned as I keep you updated with the lastest.