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New York: MMA Could Be Legal Soon

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MMApayout has the scoop:

In an interview conducted by Bob Carson earlier this week, UFC Vice-President of Regulation, Marc Ratner, divulged that he is "very bullish" on the prospects of MMA being sanctioned in the state of New York by the first quarter of 2009.

Speculation has run wild as to when New York might see MMA sanctioning, since the latest bill to regulate the sport could not pass through New York’s Tourism Committee.

As MMApayout reported, the appointment of Melvina Lathan as Chairwoman of the New York State Athletic Commission seems to be an ace in the hole for MMA enthusiasts. Ratner cites Lathan’s passion for MMA and her experience in boxing administration as assets to the NYSAC and the future of MMA in New York.
MMA in New York would be huge and it's going to happen eventually. Especially since Lathan is now at the helm of the NY State Athletic Commission. I applaud the UFC and their efforts in focusing their brand power as well as time and money for the good of the sport(even though it will eventually lead to big pay days for them). Once NY passes, all of the other remaining commissions will pretty much follow suit in my opinion. I mean could you imagine Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell 2 in Madison Square Garden? That would be epic...