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Matt Hughes Has No Room To Talk

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Taken from Matt Hughes Blog:

Georges didn’t look as big as he has before and he seemed like he had gotten tired from the first round. Fitch had the game plan of countering Georges and you just can’t do that. You can’t counter a quicker fighter. To be honest, halfway in the third round I got up and walked out of the arena and went to my hotel. The fight wasn’t the most exciting and I wanted to get out of there before everyone else was getting up to leave.

  1. Fitch went the distance with couldn't make it out of the 2nd round in either ass whipping you took from GSP.

  2. It was a great fight...because well Fitch actually mounted some offense....whereas in the past two fights...GSP won flawlessly.

  3. Jon Fitch would kick your ass

I respect Matt Hughes as a fighter and even more for being one of the best Welterweight's of ALL time. However, the arrogance he exudes at times is pathetic and frankly I don't care for it. I mean with the way he is saying would think he would have the perfect gameplan to beat GSP(all types of sarcasm in that sentence).