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What Is Next For Brock Lesnar?

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Dave Meltzer has the scoop via mmamadness:

Numerous sources report that Brock Lesnar and Cheick Kongo, fresh off solid victories at UFC 87, could face each other before the year is over.

Which is basically the prediction I made in my Thoughts On UFC 87 post. Kongo is an intimidating looking physical fighter who's beaten some decent competition. He also has a very weak wrestling game in which Brock could exploit. This would be a smart move on behalf of the UFC. This would help build Lesnar up even more without having to risk a loss to someone like Gabriel Gonzaga, or up and comer's like Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin. While Kongo has improved his wrestling quite a bit, he would be no match for Lesnar giving his performance against Heath Herring this past weekend. My prediction for this fight if it happens....Lesnar by destruction.