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MMA Live On ESPN or ESPN 2?

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So when exactly could the deal be done?

"I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, but soon," Florian said. "The next couple of month, we're hoping to get [MMA Live] on ESPN or ESPN 2, and the sponsors are getting on board as we speak, so we should have a deal very, very soon. We're all very pumped."

The 30-minute studio show, which launched in May, is hosted by Jon Anik with Florian, boxing/MMA writer Franklin McNeil and other guest hosts as analysts. With stellar production values, video footage from all the top organizations (including the UFC) and the backing of the sport's world most powerful news oulet, "MMA Live" has garnered a strong following despite being distributed only on the web.

"It's a fun time," said Florian, who awakes at 4 a.m. to tape the show in Bristol, Conn., each Thursday. "The producers are awesome to work with. Everyone over there is cool."

"MMA Live" airs Thursdays at 6 p.m. ET on
This would be STUPID dope and would be huge for the sport of MMA. The show is very well done and covers a variety of organizations...not just the UFC. This would help perpetuate MMA into the next stratosphere in terms of popularity and exposure to the casual fan. I mean what sports fan doesn't watch ESPN at some point? In the meantime, check out "MMA Live" on every Thursday at 6pm EST.

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