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My Thoughts On UFC 87

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GSP/Fitch-Wow, the fight went just as I thought it would and pretty much predicted here. GSP was just on another level, and Fitch is just a damn other way to describe that. That was a great fight and it lived up to the billing as #1 contender vs. champ.

Herring/Lesnar-Lesnar is an absolute BEAST. OMG! The way he manhandled the 250lb Herring was incredible. To dismantle Herring like that in only your 3rd professional MMA fight is absolutely ridiculous. Also, Lesnar was incredible in that his antics will either make you hate him or love'll be watching regardless

Florian/Huerta-Ehhh...I was disappointed in this fight. I felt that Florian...while fighting the safe/technical fight...ran just a bit much for my liking. Then again, this fight probably would never be able to live up to the hype that I had created for it in my own mind. Where does Huerta go from here? Probably back to finish his college degree, because he has absolutely NO leverage against Dana White in renegotiating his contract.

Gamburyan/Emerson-Oh about getting KTFO! That was great...and maybe they can send Gamburyan over the WEC now.

Maia/MacDonald-Great Great fight with a lot of submission attempts and escapes. I was happy the crowd appreciated the technical side of the ground game in this one. Good to see Maia come away with the win and keep his undefeated streak going.

Kongo/Evensen-Most people didn't like this fight. However, I am noticing that Kongo is trying to become more well rounded and it's paying off. He knows how to get take downs now and isn't as one dimensional as he was in his first few UFC fights. I think they should match him up against Lesnar next. Lesnar by destructing BTW!

All in all...a very good night of fights, setting up some interesting match ups down the road like mega fight GSP/Penn 2.