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Report: Wanderlei Silva To Fight Again In December

"I'm talking with (UFC co-owner) Lorenzo (Fertitta)," said Silva, who's English continues to improve since a move to Las Vegas. "They're talking about December because it is the best event of the year. (Antonio Rodrigo) Nogueira is going to fight (Frank) Mir for the belt for the heavyweights.

"This is the best event. It's much more promotion. They told me to be ready to fight in December."

"They gave me 10 (possible) names," Silva said. "My division is the best division in the world. They have so many names. I think they're going to give a good opponent to me."
Last week there were rumors that Rampage Jackson would be Wanderlei's next opponent. However, that was prior to the miscarriage suffered by a lady in the Jackson hit and run case. Wanderlei has been well received by UFC fans, and has become star. He is on the fast track to a title shot, so his opponent will be someone that will propel him in that direction. Here's to hoping Rampage gets his situation situated, because I'd love to see part 3 of that saga.

Props: MMAJunkie