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Report: Tito Ortiz To Affliction?

Tito Ortiz has found a home outside the octagon in the form of Affliction according to

"I guarantee you that my contract will be like no other," said Ortiz, stopping short of giving away the specifics of a deal that could include responsibilities outside of the ring. "It will be a ground-breaking record contract for sure, without a doubt. There's so much money to be made right now in mixed martial arts and it's all about the fighters trying to make that money. It's going to be a long-term deal where I put my heart and soul into the company and help build them. That's something I'm interested in doing. They're going to bring me on, not just as a fighter but also doing some of the back work also."

Nothing new here...Tito doing what he does best...talking bout himself. In my honest opinion, Ortiz is done as a top tier fighter as evident by the last couple of UFC fights. Affliction breaking the bank to pay him isn't a good move on their part, although I can understand their stance as well.
"Mr. Trump works fast and gets busy in a lot of the things he does and he's going to give me the best deal possible," said Ortiz. "I know they want to make some money and I know they got over 100,000 pay-per-view buys on their first show and with me it's guaranteed to be over 500,000 pay-per-view buys just by the number of fans that are going to follow me no matter where I go so they're going to get there money's worth just in pay-per-view no matter what."

ROFLMAO!!! Tito can't be serious here...not only did Affliction's initial show NOT surpass 100K PPV buys, he'll NEVER pull in 500K PPV buys without the UFC brand behind him. It'll be funny if Affliction folds by this time next year, and Tito has to go crawling back to Dana White.