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Report: Tito Ortiz No Shows Affliction Press Conference

Which is why most of the fight community tuned in to a news conference Wednesday in Las Vegas for the Oct. 11 Affliction 2 "Day of Reckoning" only to hear that the fighter would not only not be attending, but also that he has not yet been signed by the promotion. reported Tuesday that the boisterous light heavyweight had become a free agent on Monday and was hours away from announcing a deal with Affliction, though the report was later updated to describe Ortiz’s signing as a possibility.

Legal counsel for Affliction Entertainment said Wednesday that Ortiz’s signing was only a "rumor," and that when he was released from his contractual obligations, the promotion would be interested in signing him.
Hmm...Tito lying again possibly? I think he could be maneuvering for one last offer from the UFC...stay tuned with me as all of this unfolds.

Props: Sherdog