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My Fighters Need To Stop Whining "Rant"

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I am so sick of fighters complaining ALL the damn time. You would think that if a fighter has fought in one of the major organizations(UFC, WEC, EliteXC, DREAM, PRIDE) etc…they would have a damn clue as to how shit works. But no, most of these fighters have their heads so far up their damn ass it’s pathetic. The sad part is, besides Tito Ortiz and a couple of veterans, it’s LARGELY fresh on the scene fighters bitching. How the hell you gonna have like 3 fights on the big stage and demand a 6 figure contract or ask to make more than the champion is making? Yes, I’m talking about Roger Huerta.

How can you not understand how to negotiate a contract? Why on GOD’s green earth would you talk shit about the company you work for, before the BIGGEST fight of your life? Especially considering that if you win this particular fight, you have ALL the POWER when it comes to negotiating a new contract. Why are all these stupid ass fighters clamoring to goto an organization that’s about as stable as two elephants trying to have sex on a tight rope? YOU SIGNED THE CONTRACT TO BEGIN WITH…IT’S YOUR FAULT…NOBODY PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD TO SIGN THE DOTTED LINE.

Ok, you’ve seen what happened to Randy Couture for being an idiot. Why not learn from that situation and just keep your mouth shut and do your damn job? Yes, I know fight promotions are full of shit sometimes…but, you already knew that beforehand. YOU decided to be a MMA fighter, if you don’t like how the system works…fulfull the contract you signed and THEN say what you wanna say afterwards.

I like Roger Huerta…he’s got MADD heart…and is exciting in EVERY fight. Hell I wouldn’t mind seeing him win this weekend at UFC 87. But for Christ’s sake, don’t take the emotion you fight with…and let it come out in your frustrations with whom you work for. Not in an interview for a magazine at least.