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Frank Trigg: Rampage's UFC Contract Should Be Canceled

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Trigg had this to say on the whole Rampage Jackson situation:

There's always consequences," said Trigg (pictured on the right). A guy like Dana has to hold everyone to a higher standard. Especially with a guy like (UFC owner) Lorenzo Fertitta in the office full-time. It may be a one-time offense. I don't think Rampage meant to do these things but he did something wrong and needs to be reprimanded

He also had this to say in reference to if Rampage suffers no penalty:
If you're pulling a guy out like Jesse Taylor out (of the Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale)...they canceled his contract and gave him three months to think about it. If this (Rampage case) goes to court, (White) has to cancel his contract. If you're acting like an idiot outside your sport you should pay.

While I agree that if the charges stick...Rampage should be punished in some form or fashion. We have to take into account that all the details of the situation are not known at this time. Especially the whole Rampage is medically unfit to be booked portion. So I think it's premature to say that his contract should be canceled. Furthermore, that would be retarded...considering that promotions such as Affliction and EliteXC would waste no time in trying to snatch up one of MMA's biggest stars. The whole Jesse Taylor situation is different also...Dana White knew he was going to bring Jesse Taylor back to the UFC. That whole he's being kicked out of the UFC ordeal was simply a way to get ratings for the stale TUF television show on Spike.

Also, fighters are human just like athletes in the NBA, NFL, and so on. Let's not get outlandish when someone from the MMA world has a run in with the law. They are going to make mistakes just like the next person. Hopefully everyone will learn from that situation and not make the same mistake.

Props to for the quote and audio. The entire interview can be found here: Here