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Frank Shamrock Is Cleared To Fight

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Frank Shamrock is coming off his first legitimate loss(discounting the DQ against Renzo Gracie) against Cung Le this past March. This is what Shamrock had to say:

I just came back from getting a bone density scan in my arm - I am cleared for combat," said Shamrock, "so Cung Le, Scott Smith, Robbie Lawler, Kimbo Slice - whoever’s been eating their Wheaties better get ready.

It's funny he mentions Kimbo Slice when that fight has zero chance of happening. Slice is a HW, and no way would EliteXC put him up against Shamrock with his ground game being about infant level. Shamrock also goes on to say this:
I think the Ken (Shamrock) fight is very important to get done as soon as possible. I’d like to get that fight in first, and I’d like to get a fight in by the end of the year.

Why in God's green earth would you want to fight Ken Shamrock? This fight might have been interesting about a decade ago...but not now. Especially since Ken has shown the propensity to get KTFO by glancing blows thrown by midgets nowadays. Since Frank got outclassed in his last fight, I suppose he's gonna go back to fighting cans again to feed his ever growing ego.

Props To 5ouncesofpain for the assist.